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Ever have a question, need a new idea, want to connect with other Mormon women? You'll find all of that here. And you can feel confident that these are mainstream Mormon websites, recommended by others you trust.


Magnify your calling, prepare your lesson, plan your next activity. A wealth of ideas collected over the years for great lessons, handouts, sharing times etc. Their goal is to share lesson helps, from the best sources, easily found and even let you share your ideas too. "We consider it to be part of the building up of Zion on the internet -- isn't that really what Zion is -- The Ultimate Open Source Society?"
Mormon Women Bloggers
Segullah blog
Segullah blogs sampler

Mormon Woman
Mormon Women Project

Mormon Voices

Mormon Living

Rockstar Diaries

Underaged and Engaged

Nienie Dialogues

Say Yes to Hoboken

Nat the Fat Rat

C. Jane Enjoy It

Seriously So Blessed (parody blog)

Mormon Mommy blogs (a community)

Mormon Mommy Wars

Learning Mommy

More sites

All About Mormons
Ask Gramps

LDS Church Growth Statistics


Meridian Magazine

Missionary Musings 

More Good Foundation

Mormon Times by Desert News

Mormons Made Simple

Overheard at Church

Safely Gathered In (blog)

 Scriptures 4 Kids

Sugar Doodle - Clip art, lesson aids, ideas!

Visiting Teaching Inspiration