Sunday, April 19, 2009

Directions to Temple to Avoid Some Tolls

Some have asked about the route I take to the temple that avoids some of the nasty old tolls——plus it's a beautiful drive and gets you there in the same amount of time. I got this from Linda Holladay, as well as from the Rasmussens who used to live here. Sorry, the directions don't give distances.

Take 202 South
Turn right on 926 West
Turn left on 52 South
Turn right on 1 South
Turn left on 272 South (Nottingham)
Turn right on 95 South
Exit on to 495 West toward Silver Springs
Exit right onto Connecticut Av -- right away will see a sign directing you to turn right for the temple


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  1. I prefer 495 to 95 because I think it is faster (I am guilty of going OVER the speed limit), but this is a nice way to avoid the stress and ugliness of the freeway. It is also good to know this way because if traffic is bad on the highway, you can get off and cut through on the back roads.


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