Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gospel in Action: Scripture Study

Guest blogger: Elizabeth Latey
Hmmm...Ellen asked me to write about the gospel in action...seems like my life is nothing but action!

Between soccer games; baseball games; violin lessons; Matt working INSANE hours the last month and into the foreseeable future; the laundry list that never divides, only multiplies; trying to be a loving wife/mother/sister/daughter/visiting teacher/nursery leader/etc., how do I do all that needs doing, yet also squeeze in time for me?

I have learned for myself that taking the quiet moments in the morning to read the words of the prophets, to seek my Heavenly Father in prayer, and to really dedicate myself to the Lord are the best way to recharge my batteries. Somehow, adding this most important activity to my day makes it calmer, sweeter, and more joyous.

The world would tell us to take time for ourselves and do something selfish. Sounds logical, right? If you're feeling stressed, leave the sources of stress. But the world's (Satan's) way does not work. It creates more division and more feelings of entitlement. 'Hey! I worked hard all day, I deserve _______!' Whereas, these prized moments early in the morning truly refresh my spirit.

An added benefit is that often my children will wake early and join me, sometimes coloring, sometimes snuggling in my lap, and sometimes reading their own scriptures. Can a mother ask for sweeter moments than to see her children reading the word of God?

Although I still have my days when an extra half hour of sleep seems more attractive than dragging myself out of bed, the habit is one which has become a treasured part of my life.

I love to feast upon the words of the Lord. I love seeing how His hand has guided others, then seeing the patterns in my own life where He has guided and is guiding me.

I am so eternally grateful for His patience with me as I stumble along the path in His footsteps. He loves me and as I add one more thing to my already too full plate, somehow the plate is lighter as His spirit helps to balance the load in ways more appropriate to His will for me.

The Lord is so good to us. He asks us to live His way because He wants us to be joyful and at peace. In today's chaotic world, that is a treasure indeed.


  1. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. (And lots of days, especially mornings).
    Thanks for putting it into words!

  2. I really need to start reading in the morning've sold it, Elizabeth! And it's good to hear that your life gets crazy at times too, because you are usually the one who seems to have it all together!

  3. Thanks for you thoughts, it isn't easy to fit such an easy task into everyday life. When I do, life is so much better too. Thanks for giving me the inspiration I need.


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