Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mentoring Moms Starts May 5th!

Hello Sisters!

Our new "Mentoring Moms" Enrichment group that will be starting next week. And, you don't even have to be mom to come!

Aubrey Behunin is heading up this group and explains the details below. Feel free to call or e-mail her with any questions (aubrey [at] behuninassociates [dot] com).

There are some OPTIONAL costs involved for those who are interested, but there is no cost to join...many of us are coming for the goal-setting without spending any money.

Below is a list of topics for each month, and they all sound really great! It will be a lot of fun and very fulfilling, and we hope to see a bunch of you there!

The Relief Society Presidency

Mentoring Moms is a goal-setting program for women. It provides support and recognition for women who desire to grow and improve. This is girls morning out with a purpose!

Once a month we will meet and focus on a different area of a woman’s life. Our monthly meetings will include ideas and motivation to get you excited, along with an opportunity to select your own goal in the area we are focusing on.

The next month you can report to the group on your progress toward your goal. It is such a delight to share success stories with other women. The accountability and structure of the program are highly motivating, as moms mentor each other toward personal growth. I hope it will work out for you to join us. Bring a friend!

First meeting: Tuesday, May 5th

Time: 9:30am Brunch will be provided

Place: Aubrey Behunin’s Home
Cost: $5 for Notebook, $35 for optional sterling silver charm bracelet and charms (bought at If anyone is interested we will have charms that go along with our areas of discussion.

Children are welcome.

May: “The Inside Out Woman: Caring for Yourself So You Can Care for Others” (watering can charm)
June: “Enjoy Your Children!” (rocking chair charm)
July: “Time: Your Most Valuable Asset” (grandfather clock charm)
August: “Keeping House” (house charm)
September: “Love of Learning” (book charm)
October: “Feeding Your Family” (frying pan or utensil charm)
November: “Reach for the Stars” (star charm)
December: Awards Ceremony (think Boy Scout Court of Honor with a feminine twist!)
January: “A Basket of Blessings: What Can You Share with Others?” (basket with flowers charm)
February: “Loving Your Husband” (heart charm)
March: “A Treasure Trove of Memories: Traditions and Keepsakes” (treasure box charm)
April: “Beauty Treatments: Creating and Appreciating Beauty in Your Life” (tiara charm)

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