Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Club Movie Night This Saturday!

Adapted from the classic novel of 19th century novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, it tells of the impossible love between Margaret Hale, a middle class young woman from the south of England and of John Thornton, a hard, brooding, often misunderstood industrialist from the unforgiving, northern town of Milton. Thornton befriends Margaret and both feels attached and attracted to each other but fight their attraction for a while due to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Hey ladies,
I'm getting so excited for Saturday night... I hope you are too! Here's some info to help you determine if you want to come or not.

1. Start time is 6:30 sharp as the movie is 4 (amazing) hours long... (or is that SHORT?)
2. Bring a couple bucks and we'll order pizza for dinner
3. I'll supply fruit and water bottles
4. Come even if you haven't read the book - you won't be sorry!
5. Consider this a bonding opportunity as it will give us all something in common to talk about on Sunday! :)

Hope to see lot's of you here. Call me if you have any questions!



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