Monday, August 10, 2009

Canning This Week

Hi All,

Lots of people in the ward have expressed an interest in learning how to can (both 'wet pack' and 'pressure-canning') and have asked for times and dates. The thing is . . . we just do it every week.

So, I thought it would be simpler to let everyone know what we are doing weekly so that anyone can let us know when they want to stop by to learn. This way:
  1. We get our work done.
  2. There will be small groups so there will be more time to ask questions and share knowledge.
  3. The techniques for wet pack canning are BASICALLY the same whether you are doing peaches or tomatoes; and the techniques for pressure canning are BASICALLY the same, etc. Recipes and canner time varies, but you get the idea. So once you learn the methods, you can produce lots of different things, and nobody in your family will develop 'peach poisoning' (the symptoms of which include the development of yellow, irritatingly fuzzy skin) because it is the only thing you feel confident canning.
  4. Doing lots of small canning sessions allows people to attend more than one, in case you aren't sure about something and want to see it repeated.
  5. Small canning sessions ensure than fewer people see your mistakes, thereby cutting down the number of payments you'll need to make in 'hush money.'
So this week we will be doing:

Tuesday - Pressure canning of split pea soup (don't like split pea? Pretend it is beef soup. Remember, the techniques are the same.) starting at 10am

Thursday - Steamer/wet pack canning of tomato soup, probably also at 10am

Just send an email to let me know if you will be stopping by.

And whatever you do, don't wear your best clothes or sandals. People who do either will be required to wear the 'funnel of shame' upside down on their head for the entire lesson. Before and AFTER it is used. ;-)

Marie Tiller

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