Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Expand Your Horizons

And now for something completely different...

Yeah, they have an app for that...the Mormon Channel app for your iphone (or listen on this blog...look in the right-hand column).

Joe Dehlin's Blog - Chief Information Officer of the LDS church

LDS Tech - With the global reach of the Church, members from around the world are curious about the type of technical work they do. This is a glimpse into that work and how you can get involved. - An online magazine published every other month and dedicated to covering the Latter-day Saint arts world.

North Temple, the 41 designers that work for the church. (Sadly only 4 are women.) They work on the public-facing websites and dozens of internal websites and applications the Church uses to serve its 13 million members world wide.

(Granted these links reflect my interests...but hey, explore a little.)

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  1. I'm one of the 41 designers that post on North Temple. I can say that we just don't get a lot of female applicants... Feel free to apply sisters!


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