Thursday, August 20, 2009

BYU Education Week

BYU Education Week is just wrapping up. Here are some highlights...

The miracle of BYU education week: "This miracle is a reflection of Latter-day Saints’ deep commitment to continuing education—a commitment founded on the revelations of the Restoration and teachings of latter-day prophets. Continuing education has both temporal and spiritual benefits—benefits that enrich our lives on earth and bless us throughout all eternity.

President Packer: The Family Is Under Attack: The family is under attack, but parents can protect their children and their homes by keeping God's commandments, President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said.

Valuing Gender Differences: "She sees what he doesn't, and he sees what she doesn't," Wrigley said. "If we don't understand that, that can drive us nuts. We can spend months, years, decades fighting about who's right, rather than drawing on the perspective of one another to see together far more than any of us can see by ourselves."

The Best 3 Hours of the Week: Getting the Most Out of Sunday Meetings: "Fact is, if you change yourself you've automatically changed everything else," John Bytheway said. "In fact that's the only thing you really can change, is change yourself.

How Are We Saved?: Mormons are sometimes thrown off by the question, "Are you saved?" This is, in part, because members of the LDS Church have a different idea of what "saved" means.

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