Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Blackberry Season

(Sent by Elizabeth Latey, July 31...hope it's not too late!)


I thought I'd share the wealth, because it's dripping off the brambles! It is blackberry season and they are ripe, ripe, RIPE!

Some lessons I've learned over the years ...

1. Wear long sleeves & pants—in England, blackberries are called bramble-berries for good reason, you will get lots of scratches!

2. If picking with little ones, make sure they have their own bucket, that way if they eat all they pick, you still have some to bake, freeze, jam, etc. (*FYI: My kids have eaten LOTS of under-ripe berries to no ill effect.)

3. Bring wet wipes/wet washcloth to wash sticky hands & water to drink—it's hot work!

I've got LOTS here if you're looking for some good areas to pick in, and I'll be happy to show you where they are: berries for you, fun visiting for me! Plus, I can promise some yummy blackberry sorbet or blackberry jam on bread as a treat afterward! :)

Have fun picking!

Elizabeth Latey

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