Sunday, September 13, 2009

Important Dry Pack Canning Information

Hey Ladies (and Gentlemen),

We will have the use of the dry pack canner Sept. 26–Oct 3. The enrichment activity is scheduled for September 29.

When I go to pick up the canner I will also pick up cans, oxygen packets, mylar bags and bulk food for anyone that wants to order something from the church cannery.

While the dry pack canner is here you are able to can anything you would like that can be dry-pack canned. For example. if you like basmati rice (I get this at Costco and will take anyone that want to buy but may not have a membership) buy it, set aside the time, order cans and oxygen packets and come can it.

This is a great opportunity for us to can different things than the church offers and we the items we use in our homes. I called the cannery and they do have everything in, including white and red wheat.

Suggestions to can:
Powder milk, wheat, sugar, flour (different types), rice, beans, oats, lentils, chickpeas, legumes, pasta, seasoning, spices, hot cocoa mix etc.

Sugar is the only thing I know that does not need an oxygen packet.

Also we will have out the mylar bag sealer for people to use. Mylar is good for short-term storage.

I will be canning farina (cream of wheat) and powder milk and a few other things that I will order from the links below. I am accepting orders from anyone that wants to order from the links below until Tuesday, Sept. 15.

Church orders I will except until Friday, Sept. 25 when I go to pick up the canner.

To order, print out an order form from the site, total it up (the church form does this automatically, then print), put the cash in an envelope with the order form and your name on everything. Give it to me or my husband Alan and I will email you a confirmation of your order. I am at the church on Sundays days and Tuesday nights. I am able to meet people somewhere if you call and I'm headed in that direction.

My goal is to help everyone take advantage of the opportunities to build your family's food storage. Please take this opportunity to review your current provisions and plan for what you need. Even if you can just afford to buy a few dollars worth of stuff you will be surprised how fast it adds up!

Here are the websites:

Charity Wolf

More resources:
Ellen King

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