Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emergency Food Supply Buckets

Limited Time Offer at Costco:
$10 discount is reflected in the price.

Valid for orders placed
October 15, 2009 through November 1, 2009.
While supplies last.

Online Price      $84.99
Less                 -$10.00
YOUR COST    $74.99

Nutritional and preparation information
Basic preparation will impact the probability of your family’s survival in an emergency. Delicious and easy to prepare.  Each bucket contains 275 servings of pre-mixed and pre-seasoned 100% vegetarian and vitamin fortified food. With a 20 year long shelf life, this kit is perfect for the preparation of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or even for a camping or hunting trip.
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Must have water and a heat source
  • 275 Servings
  • All Meals 100% Vegetarian and Vitamin Fortified
  • Sealed in convenient Weather-Proof bucket for easy transport
  • 25 Servings - Potato Soup
  • 30 Servings - Corn Chowder
  • 25 Servings - Cacciatore
  • 25 Servings - Western Stew
  • 30 Servings - Country Noodle
  • 25 Servings - Rice Lentil
  • 45 Servings - Whey Milk
  • 40 Servings - Blueberry Pancake
  • 30 Servings - Barley Vegetable
  • Total Weight: 23 lbs.
The Date of Manufacturing is printed on each individual packet. The Expiration Date for all the food is printed on a sticker on the outside of the bucket.

For best taste and nutritional value, use product before:
20 years of manufacturing date when stored at 60° F (16.6° C)
10 years of manufacturing date when stored at 70° F (21.1° C)

Charity and Owenna

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