Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Conference Thoughts

As I look back over the past two days I see a couple threads running through. 

Love, live what you believe, understand and use the Holy Ghost. 

What stood out to you?

The sessions can be viewed at, if you missed any, including the Priesthood session.

***Don't miss Elder Holland's powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon on Sunday afternoon. It was so sincere and forceful that it brought tears to my eyes and a strong witness of the Spirit. Again, powerful.

Saturday pm
Elder Oakes - God's love and God's law
His love is so perfect that He gave His commandments,
so that we could become perfect like Him.
This talk deserves further study. It follows on so logically.

Elder Hales - God and His Son Jesus Christ live
Your personal knowledge of God is not only the greatest gift
you’ve been given, it will bring you the greatest joy in your life.
Believe in God. The Spirit will witness.

Elder Zeballos - Do the best you can
With faith, dedication, responsibility, and love do all we can
to achieve perfection though it appears impossible. He will help.
He wants us to serve with heart, mind, might and strength.

Elder Callister - 4 great truths from Joseph Smith
The gospel is like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle with 100 pieces in place
then Joseph came along and put the other 900 pieces in place.
An unusual format using questions to prove out Joseph's work.

Elder Watson - Temperance
Temperance is more than exercising restraint in food and drink,
it is a divine attribute of Jesus Christ, a spiritual gift from the Holy Ghost.
Counter to the mode of operation today: indulging in ourselves to excess.

Elder Andersen - Repentance brings the Lord's love into our lives
Come unto him and spiritually be wrapped in his arms.
Humbly petition for what we should do, the changes we should make.
Relief will come in the timetable of the Lord.

Elder Packer - (from his seat, anybody know why?) The Holy Ghost, How It Works
None of us are left alone. The gift of the Holy Ghost operates
for men, women, and children. Prayer is your personal key to heaven.
Loved his suggestion to create a delete key to use to resist temptation.

Sunday am
President Eyring - We must expect to become better
We will all meet the Savior, we must prepare.
Through living the gospel we can become like the Savior.
(Didn't catch all of this, darnit. When one watches at home I guess one should expect to lose the internet connection at least once.)

Elder Perry -
The pioneers faced their uncertain future knowing the truths of the gospel.
Through missionary work we can help others face the future.
Didn't catch all of this talk either. Add your synopsis in the comments.

Elder Burton - Living with virtue
Virtuous traits must never be forgotten or set aside.
If lost, families will be weakened, faith will be softened, important
relationships will be jeopardized.
Integrity and spirituality are interconnected!

Sister Dibb - Get a grip
We live in scary times, with challenges and dangers.
Invited to get a grip: hold to the iron rod and never let go.
She is over the top with her affectation, but at least she’s got some personality.

Elder Nelson - Access to personal revelation
We can access info from heaven without hardware, software or monthly service fees.
One of the Lord's most marvelous gifts—prayer.
Revelation need not come all at once, but incrementally

Love the song Love Is Spoken Here. This was beautiful.

President Monson - Do something for someone today
Those who live only for themselves shrivel up, lose their lives.
Those who live to serve others grow and flourish, save their lives.
Ask yourselves...what good have I done in the world today?

Hymn - Have I Done Any Good in the World Today - beautiful arrangement. I love this version. Should replace the original hymn.

The choir is sounding like one voice lately. All their efforts to improve over the last few years is showing.

I think some of the most interesting parts of conference are the coming and going. Seeing people greet one another, more natural, more authentic. [That’s my touchstone this year, authenticity. I think we all crave authentic relationships, interactions, advertising, customer service etc. That’s why Facebook and Twitter are so appealing (though not totally authentic, unfortunately).]

Ah, they’re waving at President and Sister Monson.

Ah, love the commercials they show after conference. Feel good ads, cute (though not authentic, darn)

Sunday pm
Elder Holland - Testimony and witness of the Book of Mormon
Find the fullest measure of peace or comfort by embracing
the Book of Mormon and He of whom it testifies.
His powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon brought tears to my eyes. Wow, was he ever adamant.

Elder Cook - Accountability to fellowman
We have a feeling of accountability for our fellowmen because we love
and want to please our Father in Heaven.
God wants us to love and care for each other.

Elder Nielson - Go forth and preach to all nations
The Savior’s call is to you of the rising generation; heed the prophet's voice.
You are called to go this last time. There is not greater work, no greater call.
Testified of how in his life he has seen the fulfillment of the prophecies and President Kimball's call to lengthen our stride in the 70's.

Elder Renlund - Change of heart
Examine your changed heart. Can you feel so now? Becoming casual
with prayers and scripture study, a changed heart will turn to stone.
Prayer, scriptures, church. The fire of testimony can burn again.

Elder Ringwood - An easiness and willingness to believe
An easiness and willingness to believe the word of God comes from
a softness of heart, which comes from the daily living of the gospel.
Periods of intense change and trials keep my heart soft.

Elder Sitati (black man) - New pioneers keeping covenants
I have lived to see good fruit of gospel bless Africa. 300,000 saints.
A new celestial culture is growing in homes and families, scriptures and FHE.
How blessed we are to have the gospel in these last days.

Elder Christofferson - Moral discipline
Moral agency must be accompanied by moral discipline;
consistently choosing right because it is right.
The intelligent use of agency requires the knowledge of the truth.

President Monson
"Love and prayers for you. Remember me, and those who serve with me, in your prayers." We are all in this together. We all have a part to play. 

Thanks for letting me indulge in notetaking here in the blog. I found that I fully absorbed and processed so much more of conference knowing I would record a bit of it here. This, rather than doing some chore or handiwork, kept me engaged and participating.


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