Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Very Hairs of Your Head

By guest blogger: Owenna Nagy
In May 2003 we were busy with preparations for our daughter Kathleen’s upcoming wedding.  Scott’s family was buying them a new queen-sized bed as a gift, and Kathleen had wondered if we could get them a table, and said even a used one would suit them just fine.  I wasn’t sure how I was even going to pull that off, along with the reception expenses, etc., but I knew they had nothing, and they were determined to incur no debt.

I was in Norristown running errands and happened past a yard sale with a table in the yard.  I turned around and drove back to take a closer look, and loved what I saw.  On the spot I bought an oval wooden table with two extension leaves and four chairs, matching china closet, plus a coffee table, all in  new condition, and a few assorted other items, all for a song.  I was really patting myself on the back for my shopping skills. 

The small car I was driving was inadequate for my finds, so I called Doug, who just “happened” to be five minutes away on his way home from NJ, and he came by with the van.  With a lot of creative jockeying and a lot of rope, we got everything home.

I started for home floating high on the deal I had found, when the humbling thought came that the Lord was the real author of the deal.  It became clear in my mind that He was pleased with Kathleen’s and Scott’s decision to marry, and in particular their decision to remain morally clean, and to live frugally without debt, and had an interest in helping them start their life together.  I knew I hadn’t made this up—such a connection would never have crossed my mind.  It always amazes me, but shouldn’t, when I am reminded that Heavenly Father is aware of and concerned about even the ordinary cares of our lives, such as helping a young couple with no money get a table.

If I can’t comb my hair in the morning without our Father being aware of how many hairs fell out (see Matt 10:29,30), why should I be surprised that he noticed a young couple’s need.  He didn’t provide them with a household of new things, nor ease in their married life; removing all the struggles of our lives is not in our best interest.  But a loving Father sent a little wedding present, to witness to our family His support of the union that was about to take place.

Owenna Nagy


  1. Thanks for the reminder Owenna. As life seems to be so busy these days, it is so easy to forget Heavenly Fathers hand in all things.

  2. Owenna, What a beautiful story. I agree with Lana. With my busy life I forget that Heavenly Father is all around us all the time..

  3. Yes, what a great reminder for me every day! Thanks Owenna!

  4. Great story and reminder how the Lord blesses us all.


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