Friday, November 13, 2009

Possible Missionary Opportunity

When I saw the news about the new "reality" TV show called Family Armour that will be airing on TLC it made me think about the talks last Sunday in church.

Sometimes the chance to be member missionaries presents itself in unexpected ways.

I know for me that any time there is mention of Mormons in the news, or on TV shows, at least one of the many coworkers that know I am a member of the LDS church asks questions.

I actually have one coworker that works down in South Carolina now from her home, and anytime the missionaries knock on her door she invites them in and feeds them. She has no interest in joining the church but has respect for the members especially the missionaries.

(Oh, the other  stories I could tell about the questions asked about things and the interesting outcomes, but I digress...)

I am sure as this show begins to air it will be no different (especially since it is going to be a show that will draw a lot of men who make up the majority of my coworkers.)

So, I just thought I would mention this new show in case any of you or your husbands want to take a look and see what it is all about.


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