Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hi Everyone,
Just an extra pitch for the Family Indexing program—it's easy to get started and fun, and it stretches your brains!

You might get information from the 1850 census of the Canada territories—or 17th century names from the special rolls of Protestants kept in France - or baptisms from Krakow.

Figuring out information from crazy handwriting seems a bit daunting at times, but it's fascinating stuff, and there is nothing more selfless.

Who knows, you might find a relative—I found one in the French Protestant Rolls!

Give it a try, involve the kids—have them point out places on a map. With the many immigrants in the US, kids might enjoy seeing how far someone from Norway traveled to end up in Minnesota. It might make a good family home evening activity.

Marie Tiller

I can only endorse what Marie wrote—this is a very interesting and fulfilling way to serve our ancestors.

My non-LDS friends in the world of genealogy are always amazed at how our Church can marshall forces for projects like this and the wonderful quality of the work that is done.

There is usually a variety of records that you can choose from—U.S. or international records—and many of them can be completed in a half hour or so and your work is always double-checked by someone else so you don't have to lose sleep over whether your transciption might be in error and be perpetuated for years to come!

And, as Marie said, it could be a fascinating project for your family too—so please consider giving it a try!

Mary Louise

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