Monday, January 25, 2010

Role as Teachers a Sacred and Holy Calling

No greater responsibility can rest upon any man, 
than to be a teacher of God's children.
~David O. McKay

In this Church of teachers, “we find ourselves in the roles as teachers from the moment we take our first breath of life,” said Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, addressing eight new presidents of Missionary Training Centers, and seven new visitors center directors and their wives gathered for training prior to embarking on their worldwide assignments.

He reiterated the 5 basics of teaching offered by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in a Worldwide Leadership Broadcast a few years ago.

1. Prepare to be teachers - The Lord will put words in your mouth if you spend the time needed in preparation.

2. Teach from the scriptures - Let us be certain our study and preparation will come from the words of the prophets.

3. Teach by the Spirit - When [revelation and inspiration] comes be receptive to that still small voice when it is directing you. The Lord will give us the inspiration when needed to do His assigned work.

4. Help the learner assume responsibility for learning - We cannot in any way be offended or get angry or disappointed that we have worked so hard on our lesson, and it doesn't seem the students are with us. We just have to be patient and loving. More is happening in their hearts than we think.

5. Always end your teaching by bearing testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel - The Lord will be with you as you go forward to teach.

Read the full Church News article.

Let’s resolve to be better teachers at home, in FHE, in our visiting teaching, and in our callings.


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