Saturday, February 20, 2010

Service Relief Society Meeting

The Gathering
Wednesday, February 17 we gathered at Margie Clark's house for our Relief Society Service meeting.

We watched a video produced by the Church about the humanitarian aid that the Church is involved in around the world.

The need is great and the scenes brought tears to our eyes. It engendered feelings of compassion and a desire to help, as well as feelings of gratitude for the abundance we enjoy. There is such need and we can do more.
We enjoyed homemade banana cream pie and peach cobbler while we watched. Thanks Margie!

We had 10 in attendance, including Abby. How we wished you all were there!

The Service
“Yes! yes! yes!” the coordinator at Montgomery County Hospital said when Margie asked if we could donate simple newborn kits to the maternity unit. They are thrilled to have us provide these few basics.

Of the 50-60 babies born there every month about half are mothers who have very little. Sometimes these babies go home from the hospital with just the t-shirt they receive there.

We put together 17 full kits...a gown or onesie, a receiving blanket, and booties or socks all neatly packaged in a large ziploc bag. And we have parts for more kits.

Each kit comes with a note wishing the new moms well and explaining that each kit comes from our Relief Society with love.

The Plan
17 kits are not nearly enough for the need. So, your donations and participation are still needed! Assembling and donating newborn kits will be an on-going project for our Relief Society.

There is even a possibility of enlarging our efforts to include other local church women and truly making this a community effort.

Please continue gathering these items:
  • Receiving blankets ( 2 pieces of fabric, 36-45 inches square, sewn together) . FYI - WalMart has inexpensive flannel
  • Baby booties or socks
  • Layette gowns purchased or sewn (onesies t-shirts, or sleepers ok)
Watch for sales, buy extra, or sew some items.

Patterns are found on 
More about newborn kits at 

We do delight in service and good works! Thanks for organizing this effort, Margie.


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