Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do You Feel Lucky?

Our March theme for the blog is Feeling Lucky or Blessed.

I feel that what we may call luck is truly the tender mercies of the Lord.

How do you feel lucky or blessed?

Here is how a few of you responded to that question.

Elizabeth Latey says, “I feel soooo blessed because...”
  1. I live in a time where so many ideas and thoughts are so readily available to share (libraries and internet).
  2. My sweetheart—Heavenly Father blessed me with a man so much more than I could have wished for.
  3. My children—They inspire me to be a better woman b/c they are each so absolutely amazing!
Emily Flinders writes:
  1. I feel lucky to live in a time and place where I am free to have opinions and make choices based on my preferences and prayers.
  2. I feel lucky to have access to living scriptures and an abundance of teachings from living prophets and apostles.
  3. I feel lucky that I can go to Sister Muldowney's institute class (Tuesdays @ 10am in the RS room!).  She is like a living oracle.
Shellie Blake is counting her many blessings. “I feel lucky...”
  1. ...that a few days ago when there was a fire at the apartment complex where Boston and Jess live, the only thing damaged was their car and it was not totally engulfed, mostly just cosmetic damage and tires. They are safe and unharmed.  
  2. ...that I am able to be with my husband while our family faces this incredible trial of unemployment and financial hardship with the house.  
  3. ...that I know the Lord knows our situation and He has a plan for us, and all will be well. He has given me some good friends that love and care about me as well.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth, Emily, and Shellie.

    You too can share with us, in the comments, how you feel lucky today.

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