Monday, March 22, 2010

More Free Music at

Have you seen the music section of It’s full of great music and great resources.

You can get the hymns and children’s songs. You can get camp music, music published in the church magazines, and the seminary music.

Download MP3s or the sheet music of your favorite hymns and children’s songs. See the hymns in sign language, learn how to lead music, or how to teach songs to children.

Have you tried the interactive music player yet? (Shown above.) You choose a song and it loads ready to play. Now choose music with parts, words and music, or music only. Choose which parts to play, the tempo, and the key. Push play! You’ll see the colored notes move along with the music. You may also print the song, learn more about it and interact with it.

Take a minute to explore this website and invite good music into your home, use for your family home evenings or add music to your lessons.


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