Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Relief Society Celebrations

Last Saturday we held our celebration of the organization of the Relief Society and enjoyed a nice breakfast together. The food was delicious and the flowers (done by Emily Flinders) were extra special and Sarah Kinghorn’s testimony about how Relief Society has made a difference in her life was uplifting. Thank you all for attending.

Then a smaller group of us carpooled to the temple in three cars, about eleven of us. (Twelve if you count Bryce!) It was stormy and windy on the drive, and at one point coming down in a deluge, but we made it there safely. The session was nice (though very warm) and brought peace. Afterward we had a quick dinner together at Baja Fresh and then headed back.

It was an extraordinary day.

It’s so good to be together as sisters, to talk, to laugh, to shed a fear tears, and to worship in the House of the Lord together.

March 17 marks the anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society in 1842. Watch the video Relief Society—An Enduring Legacy to commemorate this worldwide sisterhood. Find out what President Eyring meant about finding “joy though their unmet needs are great.”


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  1. Someday I'll make it to these events. It looks like you all had fun! Good for you. My love, sara


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