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I found this article on Feminist Mormon Housewives blog, of all places, titled How Are You Empowered in the LDS Church. Surprisingly, it starts This post is meant to highlight the good things about being a woman in the Church. If you want to debate the topic, I ask that you hash it out on one of the other threads. Thanks. It wasn’t going to be another gripe session as many posts on that blog turn out to be.

It got me thinking about what a great day we live in, what great opportunities are ours and how good it is to be a woman in the church today.

The answers in the blog range from I have a chance to speak publicly and give my testimony every month, I have grown from my many callings, you’re just as likely to hear a woman “preaching” in an LDS church as a man, I actually find RS to be empowering. Not sitting in RS every Sunday (although sometimes that can work), but combining my female voice with the voice of many women in my area, and in my ward. There is just something special, and powerful, and absolutely lovely about women gathering and lifting each others burdens. 

So I’ve asked you to share how you feel empowered.

Elizabeth Latey:
In a world that surrounds us with so many images of what a woman ought to look like, dress like, etc. I find so much strength in the words of the leaders of the Church, which remind us of our inherent divine nature. Satan would have us get caught up in the nothing-ness of fads, where the Lord has us focus on the eternities.
To quote the apostle Boyd K. Packer from the recent General Conference, “We know who we are and we know what we know.” In a world full of confusion, it is empowering to be able to state this in full confidence!
Devon Linn:
I feel empowered as a woman in the church mainly because I think we understand agency better than most. I choose to stay home to be a mother at this time in our lives, rather than furthering my education or moving up in a career, and I know it's my choice and it is most certainly not always the easiest on.
And in the future when I do decide it is time for me to look for employment and jump back into the workplace (which eventually is probably a pretty safe bet in the unpredictable economic times we live in), I know that what I choose to do will be a choice I will make with my Heavenly Father prayerfully. 
Really, the power to choose with the Lord on our side is empowering, and it gives us such an advantage in the world!
Ellen King:
I feel empowered by knowing I have direct access to God, our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, His Son and our Savior, by listening and responding to the Holy Ghost, another member of the Godhead. What an awesome doctrine!
To think that I can feel close to them at any time is incredible. And, can be guided by them and feel their love at any time. To think that others believe God does not speak today and is far distant or nonexistent is baffling. The doctrines of the gospel empower us!
Now, it's your turn. Add a sentence or two to the comments and let us know how you feel empowered.

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