Saturday, April 10, 2010

On Being Single in the Church

In our family-oriented church being single can be a challenge. At least one-third of adult Church members are single.

Here are several articles that may help you or a loved one:

Christopher P. Halloran, who was single until he married at age 49:
Finding a compatible spouse is a little miracle and miracles, by definition are beyond our capacity to effect. Have faith, try to behave well, then relax and be open to the miracle.

And remember, too, that the odds are in your favor. p. 30
Read another excerpt and download his free e-book Sailing Single-Handedly, A Navigation Guide for Single Latter-day Saints

Elder Wickham:
Throughout our lives, we face...significant confidence tests.
...These are not so much tests of confidence in oneself but of confidence in what we receive by the Spirit of God. Prophet after prophet has counseled us to remember what we know—to maintain confidence in the Lord.
As he attempted to rekindle faith in his people, Jacob repeatedly declared unto them, “I know that ye know” (2 Nephi 9:4, 5).
Paul was even more direct: “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward” (Hebrews 10:35).

Each of us faces an uncertain future. But when we face it, remembering what we already know, we face it with faith. We face it with good cheer. We face it with confidence.
Confidence Tests, April 2010 Ensign

President Faust:
Please remember that we have all been single, are now single, or at some time may again be single; so being single in the Church is not extraordinary.

...Although many single adult members are well-adjusted to life and its problems, they still need loving attention from the Church and its members to reaffirm their usefulness and the love that God has for each of them.

...What can we do as individuals to reach out to singles? One way is to make an effort to be more inclusive. When we see someone sitting by him or herself in a Church meeting, we can either go and sit with him or her or invite him or her to sit with us. We can all offer the hand of friendship. advice to those of you who are single is to pray often because our Heavenly Father, who knows you best of all, knows your talents and strengths as well as your weaknesses. He has placed you here on the earth at this time to develop and refine these characteristics. I promise you He will help you. He is aware of your needs, and by and by those promised blessings of companionship will come to you.
Welcoming Every Single One, August 2007, Ensign


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