Friday, May 28, 2010

BYU Women's Conference

BYU Women’s Conference was the same week Daniel got married. (Unfortunately we paid more for our hotel room in Provo because of it, but, oh well.)

Every year I vow that I will go to Women’s Conference, Time Out for Women or Education Week, but it never quite works out.

So I follow the goings-on on blogs or Twitter or the web.

Selected transcripts are available from this year and past years.

Catch the BYU TV broadcasts. (Their server is a bit buggy...hopefully it will work for you.)

BYU Women's Conference Photos were posted by some attendees.

Of special interest is the talk given by Julie S. Beck rebroadcast on May 19th (7-9 pm) titled “Faith and Values”.

It is really quite inspiring and has inspired the theme for our upcoming Relief Society Meeting on June 8th. She talks about calling this “emergency meeting” because she feels so strongly—a great urgency—about the topics she discusses.

Take some time to listen and be lifted.


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  1. We should get a group together and go next year! I love it, but haven't been for years.


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