Monday, May 24, 2010

Compassionate Service Meals

Often to show our love and kindness we volunteer or ask to help take a meal to a family in need.

Here are some tips to remember when providing a meal, courtesy of Mormon Times, Putting Care into Compassionate Service. (See the recipe for Turkey casserole too.)
  • Be prompt and reliable when it comes to bringing in meals. Don't delay or forget.
  • Do your homework on the family or individuals you are attempting to serve. Find out how many are in the household, who has strong likes and dislikes, who has allergies to what. ·
  • Keep it clean. This is not the time to taste the soup or sneeze on the salad. Don't let little Johnny taste the spaghetti or poke the cake.
  • Keep it simple and recognizable. A fancy French dinner is less likely to please than something familiar and comforting like a roast and potatoes.
  • Make it easy. Put the dinner in disposable containers that don't need to be returned.
  • Deliver instructions with the meals. How long does it need to cook and at what temperature? Is there ice cream in the dessert that needs to stay frozen? 
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