Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orson Scott Card Address

Coming up in Book Discussion we are reading and discussing Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

Recently he spoke at a dinner in Washington:
“America has been a remarkably good and strong culture,” Orson Scott Card said at the 26th Annual Gala dinner of the Washington DC Chapter of the BYU Management Society this weekend, “but the Goodness of the culture has already been so damaged that it can barely be said to exist. And the Strength of the Culture is eating itself up from within.
 He goes on to talk about some of the destructive stories we've told ourselves over the years and how they affect society. He ends with a plea for us to speak up for what is good:
I think that for America to survive as a Culture Strong and Good, we must stop telling the stories that are destroying both our Strength and our Goodness, and work to combine the best parts of what’s old and what’s new into stories that will remake us, into not only a society that can last, but also one which should last.

The stakes are so high that it’s worth making the attempt, even if it turns out that it’s already too late to keep this culture from self-destruction. Even then, there would still be the hope of building something Good and Strong among the ashes.

Orson Scott Card on the Dismantling of America

Good article. It made me think. Thanks for the tip Devon.


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