Sunday, May 30, 2010

Question & Answer Lesson

This week the Bishopric organized a question and answer lesson for our combined RS/PH lesson.

Elder Scott suggested this in a 4-hour training session with local PH leadership. Let the ward members offer help and answers for each other.

Each question and answer are limited to just a few minutes. Comments were offered in an encouraging way because these are honest questions from the heart.

Here are a few of the questions:

What's the best way to help a wayward child that has been taught well?

Parents pressuring all the time may irritate and backfire.
Honor agency.
Live your life so they will always want to be there with you.
Remember the parable of  the prodigal son.
The cycle will take it's course.
Discuss through the years God's love for them.
Have total unequivable acceptance.
Keep hope.
Tell of your love for them.
Express pride in them, in their lives as they are now.

Is there such a thing as a sin that cannot be forgiven?

If we accept Christ, he will cover our sins. If not we will have to pay the price.
Sometimes we choose to keep some of our sins. We are forgiven of those which we choose to give to Him.
Only sin against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable.
Come unto Christ. It's always an invitation.

Why don't we have going away get-togethers for families leaving?

The Bishop answered that with all the new move-ins and move-outs they were afraid that someone would be overlooked and get feelings hurt.
Maybe we could do it once a month and make it a general gathering after church, a potluck.

My spouse means well but is too critical of others. What can I do to help?

Be gentle but firm, ask "do you need to rethink you view".
The core teaching of the gospel is forgiveness. Think about how far you are following him.
Look at your own faults.
Let's not be too judgmental about those who are judgmental. Look inward first.

Can we bless and pass the sacrament while camping on Sunday?

There are special occasions such as scout jamborees and so on, that create special memories.
Only under the direction of the bishop, that is, the bishop for the area you are camping in.
Try to attend a church in the area where you are.

There were quite a variety of questions and answers and we hope to do this again.

Thanks, Bishop.

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