Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Hey, I just filled out my profile for! It took me half an hour and here’s how it works.

Register or Sign-in
First you have to have an LDS Account. I already have one because I buy things online at the Distribution Center.

If you don’t have one, you’ll have to register. You’ll need your membership record number and your date of birth. Get your membership record number from Bro. Hope or one of the other ward clerks. Or, look at your Temple Recommend. It’s on there too; an 11-digit number on the lower half.

Once you have an account you can sign in on this page and begin your profile.

You’ll be presented with an easy-to-fill-in page where you click and begin typing.

Share something others can relate to
As you can see from my profile I had to choose a user name from a set of pre-determined choices in a dropdown menu.

I was free to add a short intro of 80 characters or less and attach a picture.

I was able to hook up to my Twitter, Facebook, Blog or Flickr accounts, but that was optional. Actually, it was the only optional field. You must fill out the whole form.

There are instructions and tips all along the way, such as, “Share things that can help others relate to who you are and what you do. ...Avoid sharing personal information such as your last name, your family members’ names, your school, your city, or any other contact information of either you or someone else.”

Tell about yourself in your own words
About Me, How I Live My Faith and Why I’m a Mormon are all free-form text fields where you can tell your story. I chose to tell a few of my hobbies and interests, how I serve in the ward, and how  being a Mormon helps me be a better person. I encourage you to be authentic and share your testimony.

Choose a topic you are comfortable with
The next two sections are Frequently Asked Questions and Personal Stories. These two sections offer a couple dozen questions in a drop-down menu to choose from. “What is the role of husband and wife in the family? What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live? Who wrote the Book of Mormon? What are Mormon church services like? Could you talk about your baptism? In what ways are your prayers answered? Please share your testimony of Joseph Smith”

As you fill out the profile your entries don't show up for a few minutes. It’s a little slow to update, so be patient.

Your progress shows in a box at the top of the page. All profiles are reviewed before appearing on They’ll notify you as soon as your profile changes are public. You can update your profile anytime.

Fill out a profile today on


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