Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th Purpose of the Church?

In the upcoming handbook, caring for the poor and the needy will be stated as one of the church's purposes, along with its well-recognized, three-fold mission statement.

"Caring for the poor and needy has always been a basic tenet of the Church," said LDS Church spokesman Scott Trotter. "The language reference is simply a description of the purposes of the church to be included in the next edition of the Church Handbook."

The first three are well-known:
  • To proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
  • To perfect the Saints by preparing them to receive the ordinances of the gospel and by instruction and discipline to gain exaltation.
  • To redeem the dead by performing vicarious ordinances of the gospel for those who have lived on the earth.
The fourth is...caring for the poor and needy.
    MormonTimes article,  LDS to boost emphasis on helping the needy
    Keepapitchin' article,  Origin of the “Threefold Mission of the Church” Statement


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