Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tips for Using New

Did you know there are TWO FamilySearch websites? Do you know the difference?
1. New FamilySearch (found at is the more recently developed site where users can view their family tree and prepare names for temple ordinances. It replaces the old TempleReady program used in family history centers to process names for temple work. The names in New FamilySearch have already been submitted to the church in some form, though the work isn't always complete.

2. The original FamilySearch site (found at hosts records and research tools. It's where users can find information from birth, marriage, death, census, church and other indexes.

The two sites are distinct in purpose and should be used in conjunction with each other.
Here are some of the user suggestions for NewFamilySearch:
  1. Don't forget the research. It's important to use original research and sources to verify that information found in and submitted to New FamilySearch is accurate. Don't assume that everything is correct. ...Sometimes, information is submitted carelessly, or rushed in for an upcoming ward temple activity.

  2. Make the connections. Be prepared to go in with a mind-set that this is a HUGE cleanup effort and collaboration effort. ..."Just because an individual has a green arrow (icon) does not necessarily mean that person is 'ready' for ordinances. Very often, after combining duplicates, the individual is shown with completed temple ordinances."

  3. Work together. Collaboration is essential for the site to function correctly. ...some New FamilySearch users "own" their data and refuse to change it. Respond to e-mails, cite sources, help clean up the database.

  4. Use the tools. Know how to use the site before using it. Take the time to go through the 5-minute overview, Help Me Get Started With Family History.
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