Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guest Blogger: My Missionary Opportunities

The theme for August is Missionary work. I've asked several of you to write a little about your experiences or feelings.

- What are some specific ways you can share the gospel?
- What works for you that could work for others?
- Tell a story about a time you have shared some aspect of the gospel with others. 
- Share your testimony of missionary work.

Here's Cheryl's answers...

Guest Blogger: Cheryl Wentzel

I have to say that one of my greatest tools for missionary work is Ava. She is so friendly and will walk up to anyone, anywhere and introduce herself and everyone with her. This has opened up many a discussion at the park or playground. Conversations have begun around the swings and slide that have led to an invite to church, not always but when the moment seems right. I will say Kellen is much better at this than I am. I have even told neighbors about our great activities and women's organization that gets me out of the house for an evening now and then.

I have the opportunity to spend time at the doctor's office quite often. Every time I see a new doctor and my history is discussed, the fact that I have lived in Utah and that I have family there comes up.  This invariably brings up the Church. Most often that means only the question, "Are you Mormon?"  With my response a simple, "Yes". This ends the verbal discussion but I feel that my actions then become a missionary tool because how I conduct myself is a reflection of how I live my religion.
Kellen has a co-worker who we have spent a lot of time with their family. We have been able to share ideas about the gospel and learn about what each other believes. We are both Christians but the differences stand out. I've had the chance to tell her what an eternal marriage means to me and how important the temple is to creating a family that will last beyond this life. I hope that this has made a lasting impression with her. I hope she can see how I interact with my husband and children and feel how much family means to us. As our friendship grows I hope to be able to share more with her.

Having served a full-time mission and depended on members to support the work we did, I know how important it is to be involved with sharing the gospel and helping the missionaries in our area. I also know how hard it is to find the time with everything that occupies our time. I do know that when we ask the Lord for help to guide us to use the time we have to be examples and share in simple principles that can add meaning and depth to our friends and acquaintances lives.

When I was first asked to write for this blog I thought they picked the wrong person because I just stay at home and really don't know anyone outside the ward. But as I thought more about it I was surprised at the many ways open to share the gospel and be a missionary in everyday situations. We just need to be more alert and open to the promptings we are given.


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