Saturday, September 25, 2010

General Relief Society Broadcast

Our RS history teaches us what we should do
We had a nice get-together with the 2nd ward Relief Society before the broadcast began. It was nice to see old friends and hopefully you were able to meet as least one new sister. That is always my goal at such gatherings. The food was good too. Thank you to all who came and contributed.

Watch it here! Broadcast in 82 languages to over 100 countries!!!

Get meeting highlights here.

Now for some thoughts from the speakers...

Sister Julie Beck:
This meeting is a gift to all his daughters who long to know God's mind and will and to understand their responsibilities as Relief Society sisters.

Be watchful, prayerful and inspired...not "silly" women.

Do the essential things everyday - prayer and scripture study.

Know and learn from the history of Relief Society. A new history will be available next year. Our history is valuable because it teaches us principles, purposes and patterns. It elevates and validates the value of women. It demonstrates how we work with the Priesthood brethren.

Sister Allred:
What helps you be steadfast and immovable?
- Knowledge of His love
- Hope of fulfilled blessings
- Knowledge of truth

4 things you can do:
1. Prayer
2. Scripture study
3. Obedience
4. Service

Sister Thompson:
Early sisters of the Relief Society traveled from house to house, moved with compassion, love, mercy, to succor, teach, minister, know and serve. Making a difference.

The beauty of visiting teaching is seeing lives change...having our hearts knit together in love.

To be a better visiting teacher...just LISTEN. Know that it is never "done".

President Monson:
Judge not.

Do no judge another's actions, inaction, words or appearance.

We don't know another's heart or circumstances.

Appearances can be so deceiving.

Charity is the opposite of judging. Charity manifests itself when we are tolerant of others and lenient toward their actions; the kind of charity that forgives; the kind of charity that is patient.

Mother Theresa said, "If you judge people you have no time to love them."

Each one of us is doing the best we can with the challenges that come our way.


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  1. It was such a great conference, and I love your notes. Thanks Ellen!


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