Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lesson: Gifts of the Spirit

Gospel Principles, Lesson 22, The Gifts of the Spirit, taught by Margie Clark

The Gifts
Following baptism, each of us had hands laid on our heads to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. If we are faithful, we can have His influence continually with us.

Through Him, each of us can be blessed with certain spiritual powers called gifts of the Spirit.

These gifts are given to those who are faithful to Christ.

“All these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God”.They help us know and teach the truths of the gospel. They will help us bless others. They will guide us back to our Heavenly Father.

To use our gifts wisely, we need to know what they are, how we can develop them, and how to recognize Satan’s imitations of them.
We can develop our gifts
To develop our gifts, we must find out which gifts we have. We do this by praying and fasting. We should seek after the best gifts (see D&C 46:8). Sometimes patriarchal blessings will help us know which gifts we have been given.

Satan imitates gifts of the spirit
Satan wants to blind us to the truth and keep us from seeking the true gifts of the Spirit. Mediums, astrologers, fortune tellers, and sorcerers are inspired by Satan even if they claim to follow God. We should avoid all associations with the powers of Satan.

Give thanks
In return for giving us these gifts, the Lord asks that we “give thanks unto God in the Spirit for whatsoever blessing [we] are blessed with”.

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