Monday, December 13, 2010

Official LDS Church Call for Photos

Would you like to see your photos appear in a church magazine or website? Member photos are now being used on the new

Here are the rules to submit your photos to the official LDS church Call for Photos Flickr Group:
You can submit photos to be reviewed for possible inclusion in an online library for the Church and Church members. The photos may be used in Church magazines, brochures, posters, blogs, videos, web sites and member's blogs, lessons, web sites, videos, and other media.

Only submit photos you would like to allow the Church and Church members to use for the above types of purposes. You will still retain the copyright for the photos and will be able to use and sell your photos, but the Church and Church members will be allowed to use them as well.

To post an image:
1. Join the Official LDS Church Call for Photos Flickr group.
2. Upload your images to your Flickr account (check the Flickr FAQ if you need help). Photos submitted must have a minimum resolution of three megapixels.
3. Add up to 20 of your photos to the group pool per day. Please submit your photos at the same time so they show up together when we review them.
4. Send an e-mail with your full name, Flickr screen name, and primary e-mail address to so that we will have another e-mail address on file besides your Flickrmail address.

After you submit your photos:
* Moderators will review all submissions to select usable photos.
* Photos selected will appear in the group pool. If your photos are selected, we will contact you via Flickrmail with instructions on how to submit your originals as well as model and location release forms (when needed). Please note that we are unable to give individual feedback on submissions.

Note: Not all photos will be selected. If your photos are not selected, feel free to try again and submit a different selection of photos.

Please don't submit:
* Photos that are not appropriate for Church use.
* Photos that you have not taken. Submit only those photos that you own and hold the copyright for.
* Photos that contain credit lines.
* Photos with logos or trademarks.
* Photos with embedded copyright notices or watermarks.
* Photos of other photos, advertisements, or paintings, sculptures, or any object in a museum or art gallery.
We have a lot of good photographers in the ward. Submit your photos!

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