Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shout Out for Family Names for Temple Baptisms

From Jenn Low:

This is a shoutout for family names of females needing baptismal work done.

The YSA ward in the city is made up of predominantly un-endowed individuals. They are strongly discouraged from attending the temple to do baptisms since they like to reserve those slots for youth groups. So... they are kind of STUCK!

They want to attend the temple, and attend monthly, along with the rest of the ward. They are allowed two times a year of scheduled visits. But they can go more often IF they come with family file names.

As a result we, as a ward, are really pushing for our ward members to get their family history work done and to get names ready to be submitted to the temple. We've even begun a Sunday School class to this end.

To help supplement these efforts we are asking if there are any sisters in the Valley Forge wards that have family names that need baptisms performed. Our sisters would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend the temple and perform those ordinances!

Those who have names of individuals needing the ordinances of baptism and confirmation can contact Jenn Low via e-mail (sunihank[at]hotmail[dot]com) or via phone (484-994-9502).

Jenn Low
Philly 3rd Ward Temple Co-Chair

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