Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BPVF - Wheat!

Hello Sisters!

We had a fun meeting centered around wheat today and I want to send out the recipes and the handout.

We will be having the same class on Feb. 16 at 7 pm at someone’s house (any volunteers?) so if you weren’t able to come today, you will get another chance to sample different wheat and different ways to cook it. 

Included in the handout are prices of bulk wheat and flour and other stuff.

Also, there are some sample prices for wheat grinders. If we can get at least 5 people to buy one, we can get a price break on the kitchen mill. (We will have two wheat grinders at the Feb. meeting—one electric and one hand—for you to see and try out.)

There is also a wheat grinder at the church if you want to buy wheat and then just mill it at the church—no need to purchase your own wheat grinder.

If you have some great wheat recipes, please plan on making some to share at our next meeting! 

Wheat recipes
Wheat handout

Debbie Horton

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  1. Can I ask what the deal on the wheat grinders will be? I know I'd have to find a way to get it out here, but it's something I don't have and need to purchase sometime!

  2. I'd like to know the deal on the grinders--I'm interested. I'm bummed I missed this one as I'm not very apt about keeping on top of my RS meetings. I need a RS angel on my shoulder, over there in Primary!


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