Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Storage Clarification

Hello Sisters!

I am worried that having a class on wheat has sent the wrong message to some.

As was discussed in the first food storage “lecture” I gave, you should store what you and your family will eat!  If you don’t, or won’t, eat wheat — or don’t want to deal with grinding it — then please don’t feel that you have to buy it or that “the Church” wants you to buy it!

I thought wheat would be a good place to start because if you don’t have anything else, you could probably survive on bread if you had to!  Remember, you can store flour — you’ll just have to use it more quickly then wheat.  But that is OK — especially if you are just beginning and especially if you are working on your three-month supply first.

Please only store what you will eat; and please don’t go into debt to purchase a grinder or any other food storage item!!!

Concernedly, Debbie Horton

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