Saturday, February 26, 2011

Need some specific council to help with trials?

I just found THIS GREAT SITE on's Family Service page with resources on ways to improve our emotional health.  It links great articles from General Conference, BYU devotionals, Church Resources, and the Ensign all in one location for specific topics.  Some examples of areas covered are: abuse, adoption, adversity, conflict resolution, depression, divorce, marriage, parenting, self worth, stress management, and many more! 

I know when it comes time for me to seek help in a particular area, I often find that I need specific direction and these articles are wonderful for that!  Plus I love knowing that they are all from so the counsel will be appropriate.  If you are seeking help or just want to include some great resources to your scripture study, try reading some of these articles.  I hope they'll help you as much as they have me!


This seems like a hidden treasure. But not for long. I've posted a permanent link on our Official Church Websites tab for future reference. Thanks Devon for bringing it to our attention.  e

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  1. Wow, these are really good. I just read several, scanned through the rest, and they are specific and useful. Thx, Devon.


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