Thursday, February 17, 2011

The New Church Handbook

The new church Handbook 2 has been out for several months now, so many of us have had a chance to begin studying and implementing.

The First Presidency has just broadcast another worldwide training session.

Elders Oaks said a couple of things that all the church members need to know:
  1. A major theme in both handbooks is to reduce the workload of the Bishop. Partly this is done by enhancing the role of the ward council. ...They assist the bishop on matters of importance to the entire ward. Bishops, you now have the opportunity to lighten your load...delegate to ward members and especially to those in your ward council. ...The roles of EQ and HP group leaders have been significantly enhanced to help their members both spiritually and temporally. This may mean reduced temporal service such as helping ward members move.
  2. Everyone should carefully read the three chapters at the beginning of Handbook 2. They are doctrinal, based on the scriptures, and they are extremely important. The first chapter is the Families and the Church in God's Plan.

    Family is first.

    Boyd K. Packer last November:
We must be careful that our members are not kept so busy with church programs, procedures, buildings and budgets that they have little time for the spiritual things stressed in this chapter on families, and the succeeding two chapters, Priesthood Principles and Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ.
Strengthening the family is the object of the Church.

We strengthen the Church to perform it's divine mission by strengthening its members and their families.
Watch his full talk:

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