Monday, March 21, 2011

The Legendary Wheat Grind-off: A Photo Essay

The much anticipated Wheat Grind-off and CarbFest has come and gone.

Many thanks to Jenny Boyer and our participants for pulling together a fun informative evening! Kudos to all who brought such yummy carb-laden treats for our consumption. Special thanks to the flag-maker...fine start and finish flags!

The wheat, of course
In this corner we have Contestant #1: The cheaper-if-you-buy-five...K-Tec
In this corner Contestant #2: The large, the sleek, the favored...Nutrimill
Contestant #3 The I-may-be-small-but-I-still-get-the-job-done Hand Grinder
And in this corner Contestant #4: The Wonder Mill a.k.a. Whisper Mill
And finally Contestant #5: The "oldie-but-goodie" stone grinder, a.k.a The Church Grinder
The fearless organizer and the uninitiated operator
The dynamic duo
The father and son team
The confident old-hat
The willing conscript
A few of the judging audience and participants fortifying themselves
And they're be compared, judged, handled, listened to, discussed and then to finally race to finish the whole can of wheat!

Here's how the scoring worked. Each grinder was judged and scored by each observer on eight qualities of fine grinding: Cost, speed, ease of use, ease of cleaning, batch capacity, noise, quality of coarse grind (cracked wheat) and quality of fine grind (flour). Then the scores were totaled.

The winner is...Nutrimill...[and the crowd goes wild with cheering]...[the applause is deafening!] (Good thing we had those fluorescent orange ear plugs.) We loved that the wheat could be pre-loaded, no fussing over carefully feeding it a few kernels at a time, and that the batch capacity was great. We loved how easy it was to clean, though we're not sure if the cleaning-man is included in the price or not.

The very close 2nd place goes to the Wonder Mill. Great speed, good capacity, nice fine flour. We know why the name was changed from the misleading Whisper Mill, though. Extra points that one piece was missing but it still worked fine.

The Church Grinder did the best for!...of course. You can borrow it any time; just bring it back in good order and clean.

Surprisingly the Hand Grinder did very well in several categories...price, noise and cracked wheat. And if the power goes out we'll be lining up for the privilege of its use.

Good sports, one and all
And the lucky winner of the ground flour...drumroll...Ellen King (me!).

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  1. I LOVE this idea! (and I'm more than a little sad about how many people I don't know in the photos.... but I'm always happy for VF1 to get new people!)

  2. These pics are perfect! Thanks for doing this, I didn't have a chance to snap very many so I linked this to my blog.

  3. Thanks for posting the pics - I almost felt like I was there :) Very fun, very informative.


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