Friday, March 25, 2011

Our girls: growing up too fast?

We've talked a lot lately about what a plague of our day pornography is, and how current views are making it much more acceptable. During a recent Relief Society lesson, someone pointed out that Satan is specifically targeting girls younger now than ever before, and I've been thinking about what I can do in my own family to fight back.  I just read an article from the blog Clover Lane about the pressure girls feel to grow-up too quickly.  It is written by a mother of 5 children (who belongs to a different religion) and she shares her frustration in her quest to find a modest and age appropriate confirmation dress for her daughter. Here's an excerpt:

These girls of ours, WHAT ARE WE DOING???? WHY WHY WHY are we letting our kids grow up so fast? I am trying the darned best I can to let all of my children have a normal, long childhood but it seems like I have to fight tooth and nail ALL the time. I can stand strong as much as possible, trust me, I'm willing to fight the fight, but I feel like I'm up against the world, and in spite of all my attempts at normalizing this stupid rate of a super rushed childhood we have created, it is impossible, yes impossible, to keep all the crap out.

I think all of us mothers of daughters who care about preserving our daughter's innocence need to be angry.  We need to speak up, and sure lead by example, but not always quietly.  I know I've felt timid about saying no to a movie a group of mothers said yes to, afraid to offend. I'm not so sure I am timid anymore. I think that should be reversed's not me that should be embarrassed.  I think as I have gotten older, braver, and see these poor girls dealing with so much too soon, I feel more emboldened  to speak up, not righteously, but quietly and clearly.  Maybe if more mothers feel like they aren't alone, if more mothers think "I'm not the only one" we can bolster each other up. I know there are a lot of us out there...we are just busy fighting the onslaught!

It's interesting.  Read the whole article here, entitled What About Our Girls? Childhood Cut Short.

It's nice to know that we aren't alone in our quest to protect our youth, and it is good for me personally to read about standing up for what's right rather than worrying about offending other's choices.  Any ideas on other ways we can keep our children from growing up too quickly?


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