Friday, March 4, 2011

Sister Beck: The Role of Women in God's Plan

Sister Beck just spoke to an audience of 10,000 in Rexburg, Idaho. Read the full article here.

On our role:
“We … are engaged in the work of salvation,” she said. “I hope that was one of the clear messages that came through in all the leadership training meetings we’ve had.”
... “Relief Society is part of that,” she said. “We don’t plan anything; we don’t do anything that is outside of the Lord’s work of salvation.”
On finding balance:
“We know there are some essential things that must be taken care of if we are going to achieve eternal life,” she said. “To get the spirit and know what that is we’re going to have to read the scriptures, and pray every day, and go to the temple, and fast, and do the things the prophets have told us to do.”

She emphasized the importance of the Holy Ghost in prioritizing. “No woman ever has enough time, enough energy, and enough strength to do all the good things that are in her mind to do,” she said. “We have to have the help of the Holy Ghost to take care of what is most essential.”

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