Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have you seen The Generations Project episodes?

What secrets run in your blood? This new reality series answers this question as it follows real people traveling the country in search of clues about their family past. As they investigate their ancestors, they begin to understand that the best way to know who you are is to know who you came from.
I've been hooked on watching these The Generations Project episodes created by BYU TV, lately.

They are very much like the Who Do You Think You Are programs on NBC.

Only they are not movie stars who are looking to discover who they are, but ordinary people like you and me who have questions about ancestors and desire to know more about where they came from.

At  The Generations Project there's more about genealogy and family history that could make a good family home evening.

AND, you can apply to be on the show and feature your story.

I've seen the Andrea, John, Maile, Danielle and Vicki episodes. Zander and Carrie were especially touching. But MUST watch the Emily episode.

Great for a Sunday afternoon "movie".


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  1. I've not seen it yet, so thanks for the link. One of my best friends has been contacted by them about being on the show, so I'm glad to hear more about it! You find the best stuff Ellen!


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