Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stake Conference Broadcast

Today's Stake Conference session was broadcast from church headquarters to 64 Stakes in Michigan and Pennsylvania. One of the speakers was President Eyring. He counseled us to be wise optimists in these last days.
A wise optimist has an overwhelming advantage over the person who becomes a pessimist in these latter days. ...The important word is wise. The advantage hinges on being a wise optimist. The wise optimist depends on the wonderful and glorious promises the Lord has made for the last days. You can be optimistic about the long-range future of the Church. The Lord has made promises about that. Whatever setbacks occur for the Church will be temporary.... In our time we know that the Lord restored the gospel and His Church through the Prophet Joseph to stand until He comes. Even more wonderfully, He has revealed to His prophets that the Church will be perfectly prepared for the Savior's Second Coming. ...our optimism has to be about how God will multiply our efforts.... We can expect with confidence that power will be poured out upon the saints. It will grow among us. Expect that. And teach it to your children. They will rise higher than we have risen.


  1. Ellen I love this! Is there anywhere I can hear or read more of this broadcast?

  2. I don't. I didn't take detailed notes of all the talks, but gleaned Pres. Eyring's thoughts from a talk he gave a few years ago on a similar theme.[]

    Anyone else take notes at Stake Conference this weekend? Post them here or send them to me and I'll post them on the blog.


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