Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Eats in New York

Sabrina asked...

Anybody know of good places to eat in New York City? Somewhere that has relatively decent prices, or it's more for the fun experience?

You answered...
We always go to Canal street and the garment district, but really the prices aren't that bad, about the same as here and there is also no tax. 
Shake shack! It is a kiosk in Madison square park...there is a playground near by... It is so yummy with decent prices. The line can be long, but it is worth it

We love Carmines. We have been going there for years. Fun, family-style Italian.

There is a totally great pizza place called Angelos that is really authentic NY pizza. I know there is one near Central Park (and the temple), but I believe there is another location too.

We always enjoy Planet Hollywood.

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