Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get Mothering Help from the Prophets

Did you know every General Conference is filled with advice for mothers?

Well of course you did.

Ah, but did you know it's be been gathered all in one place for your convenience?

Here are summaries from the last three conferences.

Teachings for Mothers: October 2010
Teachings for Mother: April 2010
Teaching for Mother: April 2011

A few excerpts:

“So if you are trying to do the best you can—if, for example, you keep trying to hold family home evening in spite of the bedlam that sometimes reigns in a houseful of little bedlamites—then give yourself high marks and, when we come to that subject, listen for another which addresses a topic where you may be lacking. If we teach by the Spirit and you listen by the Spirit, some one of us will touch on your circumstance, sending a personal prophetic epistle just to you”
(Jeffrey R. Holland, “An Ensign to the Nations,” Apr. 2011 general conference).

“We have all heard the advice to condemn the sin and not the sinner. Likewise, when our children misbehave, we must be careful not to say things that would cause them to believe that what they did wrong is who they are. 'Never let failure progress from an action to an identity,' with its attendant labels like 'stupid,' 'slow,' 'lazy,' or 'clumsy.' Our children are God’s children. That is their true identity and potential. His very plan is to help His children overcome mistakes and misdeeds and to progress to become as He is. Disappointing behavior, therefore, should be considered as something temporary, not permanent—an act, not an identity. We need to be careful, therefore, about using permanent phrases such as 'You always …' or 'You never …' when disciplining. Take care with phrases such as 'You never consider my feelings' or 'Why do you always make us wait?' Phrases like these make actions appear as an identity and can adversely influence the child’s self-perception and self-worth”
(Lynn G. Robbins, “What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be?” Apr. 2011 general conference).


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