Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Church cancelled for Sunday

Hi Sisters,

Below is a message from the Bishopric regarding Sunday meetings being cancelled. In addition to all Home Teachers spreading the word and checking on their families, it would be great if we could each try to reach out to our Visiting Teaching sisters and make sure they've gotten the message about Sunday meetings as well. Plus, it's a perfect time to find opportunities to serve and be there for one another.

Please let me know if anyone has any needs come up that other ward members can help with as well. Love to you all, and hope everyone stays safe, happy, and DRY this weekend!


Message from Bishopric:

Hello Everyone,
Due to the coming storm, the bishopric would like to alert the ward membership to the following:

1. There are NO meetings on Sunday, NONE.

2. Please make sure that you contact your Home Teaching families to make sure that they are adequately prepared for the storm. Get their cell phone numbers.

3. Home Teachers please contact EVERY family you home teach Sunday, following the storm to find out if they #1. are Okay and/or #2. need any help. After contacting them, contact either President Stephens or Phil Tiller to report in.

4. Here are some guidelines as you prepare your family and those you home teach:

  • CHARGE your cell phones. When landlines and electric are down, this will be vital to contacting everyone! (If your HT doesn't have your cell number, now might be a good time to email it to them!!!) :)
  • Have extra water for drinking and flushing toilets stored ahead of time in case the purity of our water systems is compromised. One good way to take care of the toilets is to fill your bathtub ahead of time.
  • Check your sump pumps for operation by dumping a couple of buckets of water into the sump to see if the pump comes on.
  • Have lots of batteries and flashlights. Candles are a poor source of light because of the very high danger of causing a fire.
  • Be CAREFUL cleaning up after the storm, be aware of live electrical wires. Never, ever try to move them. This is truly a job for professionals.

A little bit of preparation will help us make sure our ward family weathers this storm well.

Take care,
Your Bishopric

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