Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lesson: Lifelong Conversion

Mallori Cain gave our Relief Society lesson today and she did a great job!

One of the main points of our lesson is that conversion to the gospel and the gospel way of life is a life-long process. It begins with testimony that brings us to baptism, but continues as we build a foundation of gospel knowledge. We must continually revisit principles of the gospel and seek to gain or strengthen our testimony of them. Mallori's bricks illustrate the foundation of our conversion.

Read the Lorenzo Snow, lesson 3 here.
Our religion should be incorporated within ourselves, a part of our being that cannot be laid off.
Also referenced was a talk give by Ann M. Dibb, I Know It. I Live It. I Love It.
We are followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Such conversion and confidence is the result of diligent and deliberate effort. It is individual. It is the process of a lifetime.

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