Monday, February 24, 2014

Apartment Donations Wanted

Hi Sisters,
The Anthony family will be moving into their first apartment in the next 2 weeks. We currently have obtained the following to help them set up housekeeping: futon bed (queen size), couch, tv stand/table, dining table & chairs, 2 wool blankets, hand mixer, dish cloths, microwave, and toaster oven.
Donations for the following (listed by room) would be much appreciated.
Kitchen: pots & pans, baking dishes, potholders, plates/bowls/cups, flatware, utensils & knives, can opener, plastic food storage containers (Glaad, etc.)
Living Room: side table, chair or two, lamps (floor or table)
Bedroom: futon linens/sheets, pillowcases, & blankets to fit a queen size mattress; nightstands, pillows, lamps
Bath: bath towels, washcloths, bathmat
Cleaning supplies: Broom, dustpan, indoor trash can & bags, rags, sponges & scrubbies, duster or dusting cloths, floor mop & cleaner, toilet plunger & brush, paper towels
Miscellaneous: flashlight w/batteries, light bulbs . . . things you discover you don't have when you need them most.
We realize it's a long list. It's a brainstorm product and pretty inclusive, so don't feel overwhelmed.
If you do not have something to donate, but would like to help out, feel free to give an envelope with your contribution to a member of the RS presidency. We'll pool whatever is received and pick up whatever might still be on the list.
The Relief Society presidency appreciates your kindness and willingness to serve, particularly at a time when many of us are experiencing the effects of the economic downtown of the last few years. Please know that the Lord honors and blesses those who give as well as those who would give if they had the means to do so.

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