Saturday, April 4, 2009

Activity Groups Announcements

talent show picHey sisters!

Couple of things - Aubrey Behunin will not be able to do the Mentoring Mom's (for all womankind) group in April because of unexpected (and welcome) family visiting. So, we will be starting Mentoring Mom's on Tuesday, May 5th.

If you have any questions, you can contact me or Aubrey.

Also - April 21st at 9:30 am will be the service group meeting - we will be (drum roll please) be scouring out the kitchen in the church. It is about time I tell ya! In addition we will be doing an inventory of the kitchen - see what is there (or most likely not there). Then, continuing in the spirit of service, we will do a "kitchen drive" so that we can hopefully get some essentials.

Please send me an email if you can attend. I will also be sending around a sign up sheet in church.

However!!! I will be out of town on April 14 - 27 and will not be here to head up this activity. Would anyone be willing to take the lead in this activity? At least be there to open the church and oversee it. I will get the preliminary work done and then pass it on. Any help will be appreciated!

Last, we are starting a new group (don't get overwhelmed) called "Mad Skilz". Basically the premise of this group is to capitalize on all the different talents or "mad skilz" that all you women have within the ward and stake - even outside the church! So, suggestions are definitely appreciated. I have an idea for the first one, but I need your help to make this a success. Also - would anyone be willing to take charge of this group :)!!

Jill Fairchild

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