Friday, May 29, 2009

Quarterly Enrichment Night Recap

Last week was our quarterly Enrichment night, and we missed you if you couldn't make it! Our theme was "Celebrating Womanhood," and we had a 3-course dinner to enjoy the evening while hearing from our Stake Relief Society Presidency.

Our first course was appetizers (fruit and veggie trays and dips) in the Relief Society room, and while eating we got to hear Sister Owenna Nagy speak to us about the "Nurturing Role of Women" and how important nurturing is in each of our lives. We were given a terracotta pot and seeds after her message to remind us how we can nurture those around us, just as a seed needs to be nurtured to grow.

We then went into the cultural hall for the main course and had a potato bar. Sister Trudy Cook spoke to us on "Empowering Women" and we enjoyed understanding more about how we can make things happen in our lives, rather than standing idly by and waiting for life to happen to us. She taught about Esau and Jacob and how we can apply their examples into our lives. At the end of her lesson, we were each given a red scripture marking pencil to remind us of how the doctrines of the gospel can guide our lives as women.

Our last course was dessert (yummy carrot cake!) served in the Priesthood room, where we heard from our Stake Relief Society President, Sister Lorna Engle. Her message was on the role that charity and the Savior's love can play in our lives as women. We each received a bag of chocolates at the end to remind us how sweet it is to feel the love of our Savior in our lives.

We hope that everyone left with a greater commitment to grow closer to our Savior and to rejoice daily in being a Woman in the Gospel. We love you all!

A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped make this evening a success, plus also to Amanda Hall for planning this beautiful event. She did a marvelous job and put a lot of work into it ahead of time, knowing that she would be home with her new baby and not able to come. We appreciate all you do Amanda!

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